Friday, February 3, 2012

It's 2.44am in the morning while I'm posting this.
I have school in the next day, and I think I barely can wake up.
I've been thinking a lot a lot recently.
Why? Why do I being such a failure ever since I finished my probation.
And I always blame on others, I never think of myself.
I miss all my friends. I miss all of them being around me, no matter what happens.
And I ruined it myself, I destroy my friendships. I destroy my relationships.
Just because of my stupid mindset. I always thought I know everything. I know what's wrong
and what's not. But in fact, tonight I finally realize.

Is because of my attitude. I do things by myself, I do it by how I think.
I never think of others. I always thought what I think was right for them.
I'm selfish. I'm mean. I'm simply a bastard.

And yeah, I don't expect anything else anymore. From this moment onward.
Because I truly know that I don't deserve it at all.
Reason why I'm posting this, is because I have no one to share my thoughts with anymore.

I miss Potato. I miss Alien. I miss Moon. I miss Pink Panther. I miss Microphone. I miss Panda.
I miss Fatty. I miss Hen. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

But that only can said in my mind. Because I know it myself, that all of these is already past.
I would really start to learn how not to rely on others. I will start to learn how to be independent.

Learn how to be like a dog. Not how they are. But who they are.
Dog love their owners unconditionally. No matter how they looks, how they actually react to them. I should love everyone now. And cherish the moment now. Next seconds, you might be just nothing in this pathetic world.

That's it. Learn to grow up, learn to be responsible. Friends? I don't deserve.

+ + +

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seriously, this is since a damn long time since I touch this blogger account. Nearly forgot the
password. Life is more decent now.. compare from the past.

After reading posts that I've posted previously. Okay, my english is really bad that time.
Recall so much memories, fun. Things changed as time goes pass. Seriously, a lot.
My sister, me. Friends. Relationships..

And I know by reading my post, is like the beginning 1st girl. middle 2nd girl. Upper a bit 3rd girl.
It looks like I'm flirting again and again, and still posting again and again.
But please, clarify the difference between the posted date. It's a far distance.

Then I started to think, HAHA I was once so naive. Hmm. I know forever doesn't exists.
Well, even it is. It won't applied on me.
Now, probation is reaching it's end.. Yeah by reading my post I'm repeating the "Probation"
several times. It annoyed me for 18months. And finally it's going to be past.

Fy, we're together for a year plus. A lot memorable memories. Feelings. Undescribeable emotion. But yet, now I've confirmed my feelings.
After all my experience.

You look normal, not much memories. Not much topics.
But you're different from others. You be yourself in front of me. You don't lie or act.
I love the way you talk whenever you likes, your way of reaction.
I just love you kyann (:

I really hope this feeling is going through a acceptance by every one.
Because I'm proud to say, I like you. (:

+ + +

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Since so long I updated my blog. So many things happened.
Thee Slacker's Group created, How I wish this group can last long.
Probation stable,School stable, for the time being.
Friendship is the one last the longest (: All my friends,are my precious.
Relationship,still stuck. Finally, It's really finally I can let go her.
Thanks to you, helping me throwing away the ring, that kept me for so long.
Thank you. It's you that help me overcome all this, Is you help me let go of her (:
I'm now experiencing a new kind of feeling, a new kind of starting.
A new feeling that I've never felt this way before, how I wish I could cherish it this time.
How I wish I can have this chance. I really wants a lasting long relationship,then my life is
satisfied for the time being. Sometime felt to give up everything, sometime felt to give in everything. This is life, It doesn't give what you want. I just wish you're happy, simple as ABC.

+ + +

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today went to Sakura and eat with, Zuoan , Qiang , Joey , my sister , Eugene , Sean.
Spend $30 dollars on the food, and spend $20 dollars pay up for the wasted food! -_-
First time eat till nearly vomit! wtf. After that watched movie at Tampines Mall.
Thron. Was a nice movie (: After movie went out to the open space at Tampines mall to smoke.
Because Louis said there can, whereby is can't. Get screened by the security there,luckily nothing happen. Went back ChaiChee and ate Durian LOL.
Went home and watch JackAss. Have money really can have alot fun! I just lack of freedom! Sooner or later I'm going to get it back. At least,Probation have come to a stable state now.
Just that was controlling me all the day long! Even school need that fucking blue book to sign in and out ~.~ Irritating but necessary. Hope life's get better day by day! Hope I'll forget her, and move on to another person. Another person that worth more it, keep telling others to move on,while I'm the one that can't. What a failure ):
That's all, bye.

+ + +

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another day had past. Just these few days,so many things had happen.
I didn't skip school,I didn't skip lesson,I studied in school.
I reach home before 8pm. And never left the house again.
I followed the probation order carefully. I thought everything will be fine,after 8 more months.
Than this stupid case appear? After so many years? Although he doesn't wants to pursue the matter, but heard from what the police had said. This is now not his choice , and was the police choice. How I wish things I've done, can just reset all? After all, I know my mistakes.
And I really wish to change! I don't wish to do all those craps again. I really hope I've a normal
life to go. Please,god. Jesus lord, If you really exists. Please, show me the path where I'm gonna
go correctly, for my whole life. Please.

+ + +

Friday, April 29, 2011

So long didn't touch till my blogger account.
Have successfully discharge from GraceHaven indeed.
But probation period was thin like ice.
I'm so afraid of entering that kind of place again!
Phobia! Hope I won't do anything wrong again!
How i wish i could go poly. Forget about her.
Finish Probation! And have my life back to normal!
Friends brothers and sister, all are my hope! LOVE all of them (:
Always are there for me. Bye!

+ + +

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homeleave - Friday to Tuesday.
Discharge - April 4th 2011
Free man - January 4th 2012.

Waaa, damn desperate to discharge! Thanks my friends to be there for me always (:
Everytime i need them, i really really need them alot alot :D
Miss you! ton with me since friday to tuesday sia ^^
Friday meet again :P
So so so hope that nothing goes wrong, i miss my freedom.
Once i get it back, i'm gonna hold it tight and never let go! Same as you. hehe

+ + +

Friday, January 21, 2011

So long since my last post i touch my blogger account.
It had been so long since i have my freedom back, ITE life was fun (:
But also quite stress, so long since i used my rotted brain.
I miss my past alot, so many things inside my head turning and turning around.
Sad , Happy , Angry , disappointed. I miss everyone. Everyone.
Now finally i know how to cherish what i have now, after i lose everything.
I finally understand what this probation is for. Haha, i felt so good knowing what to do already.
Better then have no aims and no goal, having days that don't understand waiting for what.
I hope i find the purpose in my life~ I guess that the main reason that anchor your life?
That keeps you carry on. Hope you can really come back, you should know who you are (:
I miss you alot alot! I miss all the memories last time, and handicapped toilet, at your house staircase, at cinema. Haha,i can't stop thinking about all these stuff. Don't know why.
Married already,means never divorce! I will keep my promises.
K that's all, Bye~

+ + +

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today, 21 September 2010. Is the 92th days my freedom has gone.
78Days inside GraceHaven. Felt so boring,meaningless.
Feel like running away from this fact.Feel like go and avoid everything.
Keep cutting my homeleave,when i even quit smoke and stop playing time.
Just because of one phone? -.- I don't want get control by them.
I think one day i will go chaos. Hope i can control?
Feel like smoking again! T-T Hope i can control it.

+ + +

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So long didn't post!
Now 2months inside only, kns my audi so long didn't play! T-T
Hope everything will be alright?
Don't know want choose what ITE , what course, don't even know my N Level can pass anot. Scared get breach. ............
Sian, hope everyday got people pei me!.

+ + +

Monday, August 30, 2010

I suddenly realise that, what i most afraid of is alone.
The feeling of lonely is so scary.. Everytime went home from gracehaven,before going to school.. Just hope have someone to accompany,someone to talk to.
Everytime after school, hope someone could accompany me to talk , to go back.
I myself is making myself isolated from my friends.. what im doing? Trying to focus on studies,but making all my friends one by one gone from me.
I love you, i didnt contact you that few days is cause i want to focus on studies.
But i cant torelate what you had done,maybe to you is just playing,but to me is very hurting. If you love me , you should stop it and just continue with me.
I so hope that i could have someone can accompanny me everyday. I'm so scared of being alone,i afraid of that feeling.. How i wish, time could rewind,friends that i had lost,i can't find my way back again,i had go to the wrong path maybe? Isit wrong to stop doing what im doing last time, and concentrate on studies? Why am i so stress? Please, someone .. Tell me what i should do,Why am i ruining myself, and making me so stress, i just hope i could go throught all this..

+ + +

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So long didn't post. So long didnt ton!
Miss all my friends and family ):
Calculate from june 22 till today.. August 19.
It had been 59Days i lost my freedom!
Still have long way till i discharge,Fam get hacked.
Msn get hacked. Boring~
Hope everything what's mine will be mine back.
And i will cherish everything, everyone around me (:

ILoveYou! ._. Hope you really know ..

+ + +

Monday, July 19, 2010

After 22 june court , went in Singapore Boy's Home for 2 weeks detention.
July 5th discharge and transferred to GraceHaven .
Spend my birthday inside Boy's Home -.-
Now is 19th July , Have been 2weeks inside GraceHaven already.
Still waiting for this 9months. After that , home probation 9months again.
Hope i won't get breach , i really want my freedom back, WAITING!
Boy's Home really sucks , know some new friends at there, and gracehaven.
I will be back in Audi ! DARKK soon be back ! Miss me <3
AceSquad red tag currently get hacked , soon it will be back i believed.
Wish nothing goes wrong , i want to be back my Audition Hacker ):
Miss all my friends !
Now currently going back to school, will take N Level seriously.
Hope everything will be alright!

WillAlwaysLoveYou, Dark~

+ + +

Friday, June 11, 2010

So long didn't go to blogger, today suddenly have the mood to post.
Seriously, alot things keep happening. So fast, till i can't barely remember everything. Been going to cube already, last time hate going there.
Get court cases, 6 charges straight! 22june going back court, probation/boys home):
Really stop doing all those things already , beside drinking and smoking.
Really tired of relationship, hurts alot. Fail ): then family, failed.
School,failed. My whole life seems so failure. Haiz,hopy i could do something meaningful for this world. If not i really don't know the reason i'm still here.
Sometime i really hope my mind is more simple no need think so much things! -_-
Audition IGN changed to DARKK level 44 .
Currently finding for couple for real (: Any intro please tag !
Hope everything will be alright,that's all. Bye

+ + +

Monday, May 3, 2010

So long didn't post blog! Seems it's half dead. Maybe already dead ~.~
Wa, i still listening to that song! LOL.
Hope everything will be alright. Hope everything will goes right^^
Wish go back school tomorrow nothing happen jiu hao ^^
cya , tag more!

+ + +

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chat on phone till damn late yesterday, fall asleep.
Knn, sleep till half police come my house catch me go lock up till night -'-
Fuck up, damn tired and hungry. Then went home, aiya boring.-.-
Saw this song , it's damn nice (:

I will remember our promise,after all..We still back to the same place.


Shuo hao de
Can nian bu jian mian
Yung wo men de ai, ba shi jian liu zhu
Ni xiao zi shuo, zhi shi wo men de kao yen
Wo men de yue ding

Jiu zhi yang, san nian yiu guo le
Wo hai shi hui dao zhi ge di fang
Bi shang yen, deng ni de chu xian
Kong qi zhong wen ni de lian

Wo hai ji de,
Wo men de yue ding
Yi bei zi, xing fu de yue ding
Wei ni xie de na shou ge
Ta ye tou tou de diao lei le

Wo hai ji de
Wo men de yue ding
Wo bi yi qian hai gen ai ni le
Lian na feng dou xiao wo le
Wo xiang ta hui gao su ni de
Wo gen ai ni le

Jiu zhi yang, san nian yiu guo le
Wo hai shi hui dao zhi ge di fang
Bi shang yen, deng ni de chu xian
Kong qi zhong wen ni de lian

Wo hai ji de
Wo men de yue ding
Yi bei zi, xing fu de yue ding
Wei ni xie de na shou ge
Ta ye tou tou de diao lei le

Wo hai ji de
Wo men de yue ding
Wo bi yi qian hai gen ai ni le
Lian na feng dou xiao wo le
Wo xiang ta hui gao su ni de

Ni hui ji de
Wo men de yue ding
Yi bei zi, xing fu de yue ding
Wei ni xie de na shou ge
Ta ye tou tou de diao lei le

Ni hui ji de
Wo men de yue ding
Wo bi yi qian hai gen ai ni le
Ying zi feng wo ye xiao le
Ta yi ding hui gao su ni de
Wo gen ai ni le


We agreed
Not seeing each other for 3 years
With our love, the time wouldn't go away
You smiled and said, this is a test for us
Our promise

Just like this, 3 years have passed,
And I come again to this place,
Closed my eyes and waited for you to appear,
and kiss your face in the air.


I still remember our promise,
The promise of happiness of a lifetime,
Even the song I wrote for you,
is secretly crying tears.

I still remember our promise,
and I love you more than in the past.
Even the wind is laughing at me,
I think it would tell you,
I love you more now.

Update PrivateBlog~

+ + +

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Have been thinking alot recently. I can say , i still don't know my feelings.
I don't know what i'm doing also, am i doing the right decision or wrong? -.-
Anyway,i don't wish to care anymore. Both of you thinks that you're the extra one.
But i think i'm the extra one. Why should i even appear? It just cause so much miserable things.. I will be gone.. I won't make both of you anymore trouble or whatever shit. I just don't want to hurt any of you, i rather i get hurt.I don't wish to continue like this, i gonna bury every memories i have now. I will just stay as myself , and that's all.
Forget me, i'm worthless.

Bye, it's the end. Nice song , must see.

+ + +

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tiring day -.- Was thinking alot , keep trying to make myself hyper to forget whatever boliao things im thinking. Just cant .. Stop imagining things. ==
Joey get caught in again , sabotage-.- Cb dog. Miss the time with him , will wait him out , we play again. Slack again. Steal again. Smoke again. Ton again, and mostly run again ! haha, with him i really can forget all stress. Hope i have something to do .

Posting at pBlog.

+ + +

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today slept at zuoan house.
Morning woke up go back songka. Aiya sibei sian dont wish to say it.
Someone say want come find me in the end never:/ KNS! jk.
I saw a link , damn cute! You all must see!

Click Here!

+ + +

These few days, tiring , irritated , boring of my life , but still it's my life ^^
Decided to go to school on monday , but end up .. GrandFather pass away.
Like wtf ? It's already 1am plus , and i was at hospital. To see my grandfather last view..
Think about how i treat him, it just feel so hurt. Now i can't even have the chance to say sorry..
Now i know that i should always cherish what i have now. My friends ,family and loved ones. I promise i'll cherish you means i will (:
Went drink again , with friends. Hyper ! haa.
Then now at 37 blogging , going back sonka. Sure get scolded for coming back so late.
I really really confused about my feelings, but i'll make it right one day(:
This songs are damn fucking nice , addicted to it ! Enjoy~

+ + +

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Addiction post for today !

Posted for yiying , thats a evidence for her . Read it all by yourself!


+ + +

Okay , first of all. Today is a unlucky day.
Woke u by police at my playground there.
Screen-ed. Joey run half way.
Cant find him , then go home go 37.
Nothing to do , then blog lor .
Emma , i know i hurt u alot , i promise i wont again.
I will forget about her . I will cherish you from now on (:
Dont think so much le .

Feel fucking hungry and tired and lonely!
Really wish someone to accompany me ):

+ + +

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yesterday finally smoke and drink again. Drunk , and keep vomit.
How i wish i'm drunk forever , and dont ever wake up.
After i woke , so many thing to stress. Haiz.
I seriously hate my life , i hope i know what i want.
I, dont know what to do already. Zzzz , feels like ending everything..
Please , someone . Give me a clue , tell me what should i do.

+ + +

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New post, today. Didnt attend to school again, but paid N level.
Went out slack whole day with joey , went fairprice steal things -.- stupid.
Then go home , audition 200bpm? lol.
Went 37 , msn chat , blogging.
Night , saw cassen. Slack.
Boring, seems like.. I cant get my mood back , no matter what i do..
I dont know whether i'm choosing the correct choice.
But no matter what, i'm not regretting, i'm not turing back.
Guess you also made your choice already, (:
I'll try to forget , in 2month time.

+ + +

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Before the day ton with joey.. was chatting on phone , and waiting yongbao to reach chai chee, He fell asleep and end up slacking didnt go anywhere..
Then smoke slack , after that sleep with joey at my house playground.
Till i guess 10plus ? Go 37 use comp , then qiang appear.. With my sister.
We go in pingyi.. Then after that i went to my grandma house, Freaking no stregth ,So go lay down , wth fever sleep till night.. Then eat liao eat panadol still not ok.. Then i tried to make myself sweat.. Then fine le.
Zuoan also fever , wth -.- .
After that , still keep coughing -.- ! Like wanna die . ZZZ , keep cought till throat damn fucking pain. -'- , Maybe i have decided what to do .. I quit smoke! Maybe some of you dont believe , but i will (:

Miss you alot

+ + +

So .. Dont know how say , freaking tired of everything.. This few day keep cough like wanna die -.- School.. I wanna go back .. seriously.. And today is friday..
Bao's Birthday... we go watch movie.. lols.
Dont understand both of you thinking of what -.- Really wish to know.. Maybe i didnt even know what i want.. ya zzzz..

Found this song at emma blog, Is nice, meaningful.. I NEED YOU NOW..

Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor
Reachin for the phone cause I can't fight it anymore
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without
I just need you now

Another shot of whiskey can't stop looking at the door
Wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without
I just need you now

Guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothin at all

It's a quarter after one I'm all alone and I need you now

And I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you now

And I don't know how I can do without

I just need you now

I just need you now

Ooo, baby, I need you now

+ + +

Sunday, April 4, 2010

data = data.rar
*cmd = cmd.exe
*den gt something pop out
*den extract de file i think
*你平时编写程序时候 用的DOS 命令 *这样也可以哦 *点开始点运行 *输入 CMD *点回车 *出现的屏幕 *把f1f2f3f4.....放进那个目录里面 *den要买 频道的时候 先进买fam频道那个地方
*假设你要买f10 就用CMD里面输入
*must window XP
*tat all he teach me b4
*other i duno oledi
*urself try bah
DOS = Disk Operating System

anyone know what it mean LOL

+ + +

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After so many things , i found out something.
Love is just like playing game in audi , depends on what song you choose then how long it last.
But at last , the song still end. No matter how much score you get , end up also get back to 0 and start another game. What's the point ? Even you say that's lame, end up still going play another round as in another relationship. At last it still turns to 0. So just enjoy the process and treasure what you have now , you will never know what happen next. Skali next time day jiu die le hahah.

To Z : No matter who the heck are you , just can you talk a little politely and precisely this is my blog and not yours, is not you to judge either im doing the right or wrong things.

Added : Maybe . MAYBE , you can find last long love. Like how audi bugged room in game xDD
But that's actually a ..... 0.01% . Cause even i bugged the room , end up also alt f4;wild .

+ + +

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i want to bark is my problem not yours right? k glad you know it. your english is not as good as a 17 y.o ba? so amny mistake and broken english. i wonder our school how to teach you de... Of course , its not my right. But in here..My blog my tagboard of course my right. And so? even many can spell wrong not as mine, maybe my english not good, so? -.-

happy only? thats all you know about love? your really dumbtarded. - Yeah there's more, what? you need me to list it out for you? but mainly , love is.. Even that person hates you, you still protecting her, loved her, and even die because of her. Please, stop it by saying all those when you didnt know what's love.

and lets see how easy can you pick them up after you said what you say. It's wasn't easy, and for your info.. I jio i didn't hong, and WHO BREAK ? WHO END EVERYTHING? it's wasn't me. SO STOP IT FROM BLAMING EVERYTING TO ME, WHAT I DO ? I TRIED MY BEST U CB.

all you get to do is defend and defend sad you can't find ways to attack me cause watching your back doing silly things is what i do best. - Stop being a loser and stay back and see what i doing, be a man and stand up and say what you say in your ownself.

next emma is not my type although i used to like her when she was younger. - Even she's your "type" she won't be yours. And at least i understand what's love, and i tried to love.

you say you dont wanna patch them but who knows whether your speaking the truth or not. you said you didnt really care but you seems to care for what i say you dont wanna patch them but who knows whether your speaking the truth or not. you said you didnt really care but you seems to care for what i say you dont wanna patch them but who knows whether your speaking the truth or not. you said you didnt really care but you seems to care for what i said. -You already say who knows? then? whats the point saying those things? I care of them cause i love them at least once? maybe its past, so? Im not inhuman with no feeling.

kay 1 i didnt say you cheat on her. 2 you seems like a hongster. 3 ask yourself. 4 you really dumbtarded. - Okay im seems like a hongster, but am i ? And you really are dumb cause you don't even know a thing.

+ + +

Okay . First of all , i gonna say it all here Z .

how sure are you emma love you? - I'm sure by my feelings, dont say anything much cause its not helping you in any ways.

think your name dark zai ar? get a life. my name was dark once but i knew is just pos ( piece of **** ). - I didn't say it's Zai , and dont say so much craps, or maybe u just jealous u didnt get ur true love with u. At least we love each other once.

mayb not stead but almost the same. so whats that word for it? who am i to judge? i didnt say i'm judgin you. i create trouble my problem not 100% yours. - The word is stead , meaning together. We are almost together so we are not stead? understand ? dumdard.

3 dumb bark with evidence is there.
28 Mar 10, 07:15
Z: another tag. older message. Dark: Why ignore me like i'm invisible? Stop avoiding. Zz 22mar10 04.53pm
28 Mar 10, 07:15
Z: another tag. older message. Dark: why? .. what happen . please dont like this .. i cant take it anymore.. 21mar10 11.39pm
28 Mar 10, 07:13
Z: "Dark: I can't breathe without you also... Hope everything will be alright."
28 Mar 10, 07:12
Z: dont come bark with evidence? why not you just wake up and get back to the real world. how sure am i she not in the same way as you? check your own tag on emma blog on 23mar10 10.11pm

Btw, what evidence? EVIDENCE OF WHAT ? I DIDN'T CHEAT ON HER,I DIDN'T HONG? what i did wrong ? and this is really a DUMB BARK EVIDENCE.

if you think she still feel the same way as you den wake up from your dream world. -
You won't know cause you not her , and go to ur dream world and think of what you want exactly, you cant get it.

you worried about her but wad did she feel? you tried to contact her but she didnt reply. there are some words which are worst like. "did she even care you worried about her?" but i choose not to say. - Oh please , i'm sure she care,she just.. maybe the feeling has fade away bah. But she cares, so dont come here and act that you know everything.

i miss 1 part... you just duno who love you? EMMA LOL your really seriously dumb.- What u mean by this? u seriously damn dumb , and retarded.

emma feeling might shifted alittle thats what i can say. and to all my tag. none of this are against emma only this dumbtarded gary - So who asked? Can you stop saying till like you are the "pro" here and knows everything as in like you didnt know any details ? AT ALL ?

1 more thing! after you type this > "23 Mar 10, 10:11 PM Dark: I can't breathe without you also... Hope everything will be alright." she replied this > "24 Mar 10, 04:36 PM Emma - Dark: Lol. : o.o - She replied that so? Isit because of 1reply u think that everything is nothing? stop being lame here, you seriously dont know anything about girls.

maybe really 1 lasthing. heed my advice when i say delete your previous post. i mean it otherwise your next ' girl your in love with ' will get jealous. Kiss and those cute girl picture. - I guess none will jealous of this,and please Those are memories of last time. And if u can see, the distance of which post of different girls are seriously far, so im not what u thinking of "hong" . -.-

your 'girl your in love with' might think you wanna patch with them back. keep it in your head. dont show to your other 'girl your in love with'. this is my advice for you dumbtarded. - Where i put this 'girl your in love with' ? And , even they think i wanna patch with them? So ? I didnt really care that much -.- Dumbtarded

sry instead of 'they' it should be 'girl your in love with.'
29 Mar 10, 16:57
Z: or they might get jealous as i said before and this is one kind pure advice for a dumbtarted like you since you dont understand girl so well.
- Oh please,even though they jealous is it my problem? Why should i care? And, Please im sure i know more about you noobAss.

Emma pls kindly tell this dumbtarted if wad i said is true or not otherwise this dumbtarded disease wont go away from him. - And i know u trying to help me Z. I already found out who you are .. By someways, im not saying it out.Im just saying , i know what i doing, thanks.

confused feeling? pls. somemore craps from you and gary pls. i would love to know as you both disgust me for being a 'man'.
29 Mar 10, 22:47
Z.: you gave her a teddy bear i presume and so fast break after her birthday which is less than a month? - For your info ,they didnt stead so theres no breakup inside it, and is her birthday man.. why cant he give him a teddy bear?
And after all , she cold to him cause she wanted to test his faithful. So dont act as if u know everything when u get the things wrong.

hiding behind the computer talking facts is what i do best. ask gary to talk he dont dare to type anything here liao? - And as you know , my home no internet, So sorry for the late reply , and please why i dont dare i didnt do anything wrong as it was u that accusing lots thing to me , and u are the one who dont dare to put ur name down ^^

again to my all my tags. none of this mean anything to emma or yi ying and joey your the last person i want you to interfer, thankyou. just this 2 qiang and gary the dumbtarted. - And , for whatever you tag. There's no right of you judging us as a dumbtarted cause u are a failure.

You super lame sia . Zzz Say so much wad u gain? Fk off can?Dots! - Thanks . And thanks For helping ,qiang and joey also ^^

+ + +

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today wake up , saw your msg. Replied , but you didn't T-T.
Audi whole day , tag whole day. Was waiting your message whole day!
I really really listen to you , i didn't smoke for 3days! Can't believe.
Till so late i haven't even eat still waiting for your message..
Then went out meet zuoan with joey.
Finally i have 1stick .. Stressed -_- keep thinking what happened!.......
I don't know why i so worried about you , cause suddenly whole day didn't contact.
Then go 37 use comp , msn saw you online , but you still don't want reply me T-T
Still waiting for your message! Hope you reply T-T

Worse day ever ):

+ + +

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Soooooooooooooooooooo long no post ._.
Waa , one blink of eye so many things happen , so many things changes.
Today wake up at 3plus, msg baby ^^ then whole day very sian ..
then night go to sengkang, with bh.
Wa,his stupid comp really sucks,LOL.
Read your blog , nice post .. so sweet ><
then i go read all your post .... i realise how boring and pathetic you are last time >< LOL
Hope my appear make a big change in your life ^^
Maybe it's really just a few month , but i believe..
Our feeling is more then that ^^
Muacksssssssssssss <3 For everything we go through, i'll cherish you.

+ + +

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cant post everyday ._. home still no internet ;wild
is been so many month already -.-
Currently , i mostly dont care everything .. only care her ><
Dont know why , i feel that is more important then anything.
I love you ^^

Cyas everyone , seems days getting lowers. i will cherish you.

+ + +

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Waa , so long didnt use blogger even forget my password-.-!
After so long , so many things happen.Haha i really appreciate everything.
All the friends i know ^^
After so long , chinese new year , valentine day.
I finally finally , get rid of her (: !
Then Someone Appear ;P (____)
Then end up stealing thing alot time , wanna stop then get caught-.-
Maybe going in boys home zzz , hope nothing happen.
ILoveYou ><
I believe this time wont be changed ;P Forever ^^

+ + +

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Long time no post , new post again.
Comp internet not back for months , so can't post everyday.
Account was said BANNED , cause of someone -.-
And because of this , and others things.
I know , Treasure everything that you have now , you won't know when u will lost it.
ILOVEYOU , Some readers might know who x)
Maybe we not stead, but i love u more then that.
Hope everything gonna be okay! i love u !

+ + +

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Long time no post , as someone want to read , so post for her.
So boring in this month holiday , nothing to do.
School Re-open soon , more boring .
Getting retain , end up don't know what class , feel so regret .
Life sucks , i hate everything appear , nothing seems good.
How i wish i was left alone to do every decision i make .

+ + +

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back to post again, Break with her le .
Maybe is best to be single , lols.
with who also break in the last , cause no lasting relationship de bah i guess.
Play audi to forget whatever shit , or maybe quit audi better ==
lols , or maybe slp whole day xD
Hmm , Happy box , play for 130round , win 3thing nia.
Pink A-cap , Dark Purple Hair , X2dens -.-
lj , nvm continue wasting dens , Fp will be back soon.
Maybe in the end everything end unexpected again.
lols , maybe this stilll not the end , currently at era posting , and someone keep peep.
lame shit , era ppl so noob , let me hack in and use admin.
Ok , hope i know what my real desire are ,
Hope i find what's the purpose in this world x.x

+ + +

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hmmm , Back to post .
Delete Last post .
Just forget what happen , just know that i'll cherish you now .

+ + +

Thursday, December 10, 2009



Forget about previous post :D

+ + +

Sunday, November 15, 2009

So long didn't post. Blog is dead long ago.
Can't blame me , blame my mother.
She didn't pay internet , sad for me ):
These few days , so suck to the core -.-
Just hate it , maybe it's a break bah.
For me to think more , be more. Really tired, don't want to carry on whatever things right now.
I love who? i don't know, i only know that life was tiring , and stupid for me to waste.
Just hope i find another reason for me live on , and do more.
Wish i found someone to share everything with. I HOPE SO....

+ + +

Monday, October 19, 2009

okay , hi . First post in *dont know what colour* LOL .
At first , i shall say , LIFE SUCKS .
Is she ask me post de , so must not paiseh , dont sad must cheer up LOL .

+ + +

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to post , fcking long didnt post cause of that fucking computer no internet .
And fucking i so long didnt play audi .
This fucking family so fucking sian .
How i wish one day a rich mystery uncle come and tell me this not my family .
Tmd sian la , i hate my life . So Cb and fucking sian and boring .
Everyday like that go die better _!_
Haiz , hope someone will give me a hint of a purpose or reason i living here -.-

+ + +

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back to post , change from white to black maybe alittle weird x.x
Fucking Internet so long haven pay -.- tmd.
This few day damn sian , nothing better to do.
Phone get stolen , and getting one soon .
Blog kinda dead , people Tagged more please !
Nothing to say already , bye .

+ + +

Monday, October 5, 2009

hi , so long didnt post . Hmm , maybe stop some of you from coming right ? lols .
Everything gonna be quite fine i guess , just alittle needed for money .
Hope my account can get back soon bah , School i no hope already i think ^^
But i dont care also , just wanna be with you.
Everyday is a mystery. I wonder whats my purpose on this world , anyone give me a hint or something , what am i here in this world to do what ?
Theres confirm a purpose ? I wish i can do something good for this world , instead wasted my life here (:
Tomorrow going school already , hope things will be fine after sometimes .
Wanna learn Piano soon ^_^

eh , i wanna my internet back seriously ==

+ + +

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wtf i miss my audi Acc , saving to get it back soon !
33th day of ban , I THINK IS ENOUGH OK .
Girl , u make me love u more again , sorry I Cant FORGET you ... ZZ
You're with me , in my heart forever <3


+ + +

Monday, September 21, 2009

Everyday so boring , Just using audi to make me forget about her .
Now i don't even know if i still like her ... haiz .
Hope my account can be unbanned bah , then everything will back to normal one day .

+ + +

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sian , just using audi to make me forget whatever im thinking .
Keep breaking record .
Random beatrush
Move 140Bpm .
Full chain , 6mil screenshot post :D


+ + +

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boring day everyday , leg got injured fucking sian .
This few day keep despo for cigg ! Tmd .
then that day go buy with max .
I continuos smoke 2stick , and get giddy .
Then go my grandma house , totally feel unwell ! Zzz .
Vomit 4times , pcb . I promise her i wont smoke , i wont break it .
Then at night Calista say in msn say im noob .....

currently using -BenDan- Account .. CALISTA SO "PRO" T_T


+ + +

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

went school everyday , but i don't think any different is going change toward me .
i miss her the same way like last time , i just can't forget her .
Everytime , think till cant take it .. My headace will come .. pain like hell ..
All i want is her to be beside me .. haiz , i keep want smoke .. zz
Although i think , let her be . But in my heart i still can't let her off .
I don't know why i love her so much , till i can end this life immediately .
I didn't ask for any returns or what from you , i didn't say i treat you good means you need to repay . I didn't even complain about it , just hope you believe me . Just hope all this will be over .
I really don't want this to go on , hurt me everyday , every seconds ......

+ + +

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friend or not friend , stead or not stead doesn't matter now .
What i do is just want you to be happy , and i can't even do that .
I'm just a xiaodidi to you , i'm smaller and useless .
Whatever i do is useless , and helpless .
I'm just weak to be the one i want to be .
I love you , since the first time i said to you , nothing going to change it .
No more stead , no more .
This miserable life , so boring .
Maybe things will be alright when i went through all this alone .
Doensn't want to bother so much already , along this life ... i'll be alone .
Alone in this Dark Dark world ....

+ + +

Friday, September 11, 2009

I miss her , can't forget her , then found a song that perfectly match my feelings .

New song added , 月亮代表我的心

月亮代表我的心 , 我对你的心永不改变。
我的情也真 , 我的爱也真。

我的情也真 我的爱也真

我的情不移 我的爱不变

你去想一想 你去看一看

+ + +

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I lost my everything , almost everything . I don't know what to do . Is it hint for me to end this life ?
Or god purposely wanted me to see , life is so meaningless .. Full of selfish , weak , of human .
I hate it , when everything of mine , gone slowly . Firstly , I lost my phone .. Every memory and data was in that phone .
After that , i fall in loved with a girl that i didn't expected , then it break my heart when she's gone .
And then , my addiction of game that what's i do whenever i'm boring , my audi account get banned ?
Then , i thought i won't cut hair again or either go to school .. But end up still again ..
After those things , i went to blogger , my whole thing i wrote gone ? was just because of this stupid comp
that learn how to shut down when i never ask him to ?
I began to wonder , why is everything i think it was become isn't .
Is it all destiny , that i can't fight . If this is the life i gonna have , i don't want it .

eh cb , i want to scold alot , this world so fcking cb , why people pray for gods for food ?
Why every christian pray before they eat ? God didnt give you food , you earn it yourself .
Are you dumb or what ? I hate it , life sucks . God ? Made us ? Bless us ? My ass -.-

+ + +

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Didnt post for few days .
A message for every mapler , from the pic below .


+ + +

Thursday, September 3, 2009

After so long , have been sec3 . Still remember sec1 and 2 , haha .. so lame and childish ..
After thinking of so long , i think maybe i been learning much things , and being more clever then last time .. Was just thinking what i did last time , i feel stupid already ..
Last time primary 6 , still wondering what's love . I can say , no one can understand that unless you tried it . Went through so many things in this 2years . Just 2 years of this happen so much things .. I wonder what's going happen in my future .
7month of this year already wasted on slacking , playing .
Account banned unexpected , Then end up stead unexpected also , and break unexpected .
The truth is , things will just gone bad in any way . Can't forget her , i don't know why .
Tried to jio chio bu , but found out no feel on them at all .. I wanted to forget her .
I want her out of my world , i want my life back . I want everything back to normal .
Maybe is wrong to be tiomxim , everything .. Police case , breakup , account banned , school .
Why life so troublesome ? Doesn't want to know anymore things .
Just hope there's someone to be with me , i wonder who can .
I wonder who's my next stead , maybe no more .
But i can confirm , after all those sad memories of relationship in this 2 years .
I have learn how to cherish and treasure things around me , because only when u lost them , then you feel the precious and important of them .
I'll find someone to love , and forget about her .
After all , life still need to go on .
Advice to everyone , when you thinking whether to do something because you are scared or don't dare , don't give a damn , just do it . Because , when you are regret that you have no more chance to do it again , you can't change anything .

+ + +

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today sleep late to 12pm plus .
Awake by zuoan call , then went meet her .
at my block below , with yiying and my sis , then went to bedok .
She need pay water bills , so Q up .
After that went to tampines , saw shengwei and bjorn at bus .
Reach tampines mall already , at inter meet Fy & Bell .
Go tampines buy bag for zuoan , owe her 7dollar lols .
Then went slack around , then jingzi came .
Yiying went home . Then i not sure what happen , bell seems brb somewhere .
Then everyone waited her for damn fcking long , then zuoan pekcek .
Fy go to other places , we go find bell .
Then after this problem gone , we slack with .. Jingzi , joey , zuoan , me and fy .
At block keep disiao Jingzi , damn keep laugh .
After slacking for very long , All went home .
Dismiss with Fy at inter .
Then the rest take 67 to bedok .
Jingzi went home , same as we .
Go grandmother house eat , then went home .

Maybe just be beside you , watch you .. take care of you can ler .. I love you .

+ + +

Sunday, August 30, 2009

After ton went sleep , then night time meet her and slack awhile .
After that meet bh and jz . Then went home .

i love you . i'm sorry .. I didn't treasure you when i have the chance to .. Now what i can do is watch you .. I didn't be a good stead .. Maybe is just fine you be with him ... Maybe he is more mature .. more enough ability to support you , to take care of you .. I just wish you are happy .. That's all .. doesn't want to stead anymore .. I love you ..

+ + +

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today went out of this house finally .
and met her , finally met .. i miss her .. alot alot ..
After that went to katong ton at fren house .
I miss her alot , i beside her , but i cant hold her hand , i cant hug her ..
the feeling sucks .. i hate it alot alot .. i love u , but i cant be with you ..
Taxi home at morning .. Blog .. i really wish u can be back with me ..
I will be waiting .. till my last breath ..

+ + +

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today 4th day . sian . At night chat with Thida and Shing .
Lol , webcam with shing . I take alot screenshot .

okay lets see ,

Shing Acting cute LOL .


Shing Sad


Shing Cramp LOL !






Everything have past so fast , break .. Then now she have patch with her ex .
Last long bah . I dont think R/S is fun anyways .

+ + +

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3rd day at home , missed u badly .
idk what to do , i think im crazy .
Let it be , life sucks .

+ + +

Monday, August 24, 2009

acc banned , school going retain / expel ..
I thought .. even i lost everything , i still have you ..
maybe im just stupid having so much feeling for you ..
And you didnt have any to me , those
hug / kisses , time we being together ..
Everything u just think that was friend ..
Maybe im dumb .. everything gone now ..
Addicted ? Audition ? Even comp i didnt want to touch ..
Maybe this is time to learn how to think , be mature ..
This life of mine , having wasted for 15years .. I dont want to waste anymore ..
Everything of mine have gone , im not scared of anything now ...
cause nothing bothers me ..
vI Missed your hug , your kisses .. I Love You , I cant stop saying " I LOVE YOU " Cause i cant feel enough , i must keep saying .. i love you .... only ur kiss can stop me .. Can stop my sad , my pain .. i dont know i can take it this how long .. i dont know how long more i can take it without you ...

There is no ending , life sucks .

I love you , even u dont . I'll wait till my last breath .

+ + +

Sunday, August 23, 2009

5am then slp , then around 7am wake up by mother , go downstair eat ..
Wa like want die , then eat finish , go back bath then sleep .
Then around 3-4pm then wake up ... my sis duno go where .
then that bh keep msg ... then call .. then he with zuoan they all ..
then ask me go meet them at 37 there , lol ...
After that hen come .
After that , go slack around .... Then dont know go where ...
At last all go home ... Then hen go my house ..
Then post .... Sian ... nothing to do ...

I dont want to lose you , i seriously love you ..

+ + +

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today sleep dao 10am plus , wake up .
Got a indian girl come look after my grandfather ..
He is getting weaker and weaker .. Then ambulance come take him ..
I follow . after everything , went home play audi ...
I dunwan post any more ...

I miss you , i want you ... why are you treating me cold ... i love you ..

+ + +

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today wake up at 3pm . Didnt go school again .
I break my promise , sorry .
Didnt went watch movie today , boring day .
No mood at all ,
Account banned , School maybe getting expel ..
Now dont know even my girl dont want me maybe ..
I just hope i can last long with her , ily ..
Everything seems out of control , nothing went nicely ..
Life Sucks , Wish to have a peace .
I lost my account , maybe even schooling , i dont want to lost you ..

I love you forever , No matter what happen , i wont leave u .

+ + +

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

After ton ing , at my house , with bh and jingzi .
morning my grandmother kp kb like cb .
fck sia , then went out eat , early in 6am , as bh say wan treat de .
Then go coffee shop below treat zuoan and jingzi , and me .
Then my sis at there watch only , sian la i no money . jialat liao.
Then after that , went to bus stop , all pon school , bring my sis go bus stop .
Heng zuoan nvr go school with her xD Then we go take bus to tampines bh house as his house got air con , then take bus ~
Then they at bus at there dont know doing what , reach already , wtf bh house tio lock ?
Cb , zzzz . Then we go down slack , JingZi at first at bus kp with yves .
Then now Yves coming , he scared ? wtf , then he dont know run to where , zz .
Nvm fck care them , with zuoan can liao LOL .
then forget go where , meet yves .
Then errr , went to tampines library .. Then find comic for zuoan ..
Then play play , Jingzi Sleeping , still snoring Wtf LOL .
thn play play play , cb jingzi extra sit beside zuoan .
Then after that bh come di di siao siao , then dont know why jingzi go kick his butt ?LOL , then bh dont know do what , thn punch him , LOL .
Then after that , i sit there , zuoan dont know go where , after that go find her .
Found ler , walk out , to tampines inter de mcdonald .
All tired , so went home first . Jingzi go home first take bus10.
Then Bh and Yves take 28 ? i think
Then i and zuoan take 67 .
then reaching liao .
Then go to pasar malang , she buy things to eat .
Then went home , i online audi help matt buy channel.
Wtf , miss 3channel , then bought for him event channel.
Bath liao , go slp , sleep till next day 6am wtf.
Wake up, msg zuoan , then blogged .
Sian la , i dont want get expel ! zzzzz .
Things we do Are meant to be us privatly .

+ + +

Monday, August 17, 2009

today wake up , then saw 4message , 2 message frm father as the phone is nt mine , 2from zuoan and jingzi .. zuoan ask me call her , she didnt answer , then after that jingzi call me to go downstair slack with zuoan , i too lazy wake up , so lay again lols , after very long then wake up , then wake joey , then play comp awhile , wtf bh acc tio hack everything gone , omg .
Then go down slack with them , after awhile , cause joey didnt went down so we try to get her down , then after awhile , my mother wanted to go down eat , then all go down eat , i also go .
jingzi follow me , but zuoan at the block there watch movie using jing zi phone.
Then after eating , my sis manage to run away .
Zuoan say go sengkang find bh , so we go inter take bus , bused to sengkang liao.
Find for awhile , found bh . Then go slack , forget what happen , then go to a block ,
zuoan and my sis keep playing , then i and zuoan play writing things .
Sibei lame sia , jingzi and bh . At there call ppl , then actually honging girls then become tio taiji , lmaos . Then nth liao , zuoan go with her frens slack , then we go to mall .
i stomachace , so go toilet , then cb that bh at there di di siao siao , kick the door pcb .
nvm forgive him as his brain is under develope .
Then after that , go drink , thn go meet back zuoan .
Then we slack for awhile , quite late liao
Then found out no bus anymore , wtf , then we decided to zao cab but end up never .
got one taxi we ask can 5ppl ? he say cannot , then bh scold fk u la , then jingzi go slam the door , then knn police so nicely come behind ? fck zz . Then at last take taxi to bedok.
Then we walk to my house , cause now there only zuoan have money ,then she cant no money cause her father will kp , then go my house there i take my father 5dollar to give her , then i left 2dollar also give her , in case later tmr cant eat , then i cant eat -.-
Then i send her home , kiss her at the lift .
Went home , do alot stuff at comp , then blogged .
Sian , tmr going sch .

+ + +

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lol,morning bh and qiang wake up , went down eat .
Then after awhile bh go home , then i and qiang go techno park .
Then after awhile slacking , found a room that was empty .
Then bh say he tio lock out , cant go home , so go grandma house .
Then we go find zuoan after that , then my sis come also .
Then slack slack , thn go to tat room again , nothing to do .
Thn we go block 32 . play kissing again , i kiss zuoan twice , and qiang just kiss once .
After that , slack slack , qiang want go home , then go to bus stop .
Then we ask joey go thr ask him want go OCH tonight , while she go , i kiss again xD .
Then he dont want go , lols .
Then all go home bath first , as zuoan need go her cousin chalet first ..
then go home , father kpkb , play audi , then went to grandma house take money .
Finally , went to DownTownEast to find zuoan and jingzi .
Then we wait for zuoan for quite long , cause she say need go celecbrate her cousin
birthday , then after so long waiting , she say cant go cause her gugu dont let her ton.
zz , then after that she run away lol , we go OCH , meet 5friend of hers .
at there they anyhow play lmaos , i keep stick with zuoan .
Then she say saw dirty things , so didnt enter ..
Then all tired , we take bus go home ...
At bus she lay at me , then i hug her sleep ...
Tiring , then reach bedok ....
Then we go eat liao , zuoan go home , then we scared zuoan tio scold or beaten so wating below her block , then after long time , i fall asleep at void deck ..
Wake up my sis and jing zi gone , then i saw zuoan coming down , going buy things for her father , lols . Then nothing liao ,lollolol .. Thn lastly reach home , jing zi at my house here sleep , tiring , going bath and sleep .

+ + +

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Went out meet zuoan they all at block 32 there , then all go home change ...
Then zuoan go home first , then me , yiying , jing zi and my sis go my house first .
My sis went change , then come out ... at downstair saw my mother and nothing happen.
What a miricale LOL . Then went to slack , then go coffee shop drink as waiting for zuoan.
Cb ,her father lock her in house ? Pcb .
then we go her house find her , but cant found , zzz , all door locked no sound .
Then keep call and bang till people complain , then we zao .
Actually going OCH ton , but now i dont think can liao .
then we go 37 play comp awhile , as waiting for her .
then suddenly she reply , finally ..
Then go meet her at block 32..
Then nothing to do , slack smoke ...
At last kp with bh cause he guailan with sp , and jingzi helping her .
Then qiang come , then all go tampines .
Find bh liao , then talk talk , then go Mac eat first .
After that , Bh say with jingzi 1on1 5minute , Thn jingzi got fren at block 402 .
So go there fight , Lol all siao wan .
then fight finish liao , we go find yiying brother , lmaos with Mosa.
Nkz-Mosa . Lol , then slack slack , Zuoan like no mood , zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Sian , then she need go home , cause her father kp so much ..
ZZ , then send her home , all come my house , jing zi go with those fren and yiying went home .Then bh and qiang come my house , then do hack stuff .
All sleep liao , i at there keep playing , then blogged .
Tired , and moodless day .
Haiz , dont know what to say .
End .

+ + +

Friday, August 14, 2009

wah,didnt sleep for 2day , morning sent zuoan to school then meet bh .
Then we go slack around till afternoon .
Then from that onward chiong dens to night .
Jing zi after tat come , i slack with him awhile .
Then he go playground slp , i finally 40mil .
Then sleep , till now 2pm plus .
Cb la , sleep so late , i hate sleeping .
then now going out meet zuoan ...

+ + +

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today fall asleep at 5plus , wake up at 2pm plus .
Paiseh bh , lol . Didnt went to school , then play audi .
Zuoan go katong with sp . Then i play Brbp all the way .
Then suddenly saw Free-1 Ending , trying buy but stuck at fam office Pcb .
Then Buy other channel all cannot pcb , all stuck , dont buy liao ==
Then around 8plus , Arena start , i went go into final 4th , CallMeAgain Hacker ==
So i hack with him vs , he win zz .
Then went back brbp , till around 11plus .
Then meet zuoan go eat , as she haven eat .
then she went home , i continue play brbp .
Then saw Randy , ForeverOMG , sHin-7uP play ..
Finally earn dao 31mil , bought expert to play .
Now posting at 5am plus , tired but nt spling .
End .

+ + +

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today didnt sleep , morning bought Free1 .
Chiong Dens From 16m - 18 m .
Then go out , wait for bh
Then after everything went to katong .
Then tat cb kia change password , then end up give us also .
Play Play , saw a guy dam fcking pro beatrush , I BWG , zai .
Play Japan Audi de , Swear Train like siao to be like him .
Then go back bedok , he went home .. I went home .
Then play audi awhile , my sis and brother come back ...
Zuoan wanted to sleep but cant because sp ask her go out ? zz .
Then at last , i buay tahan go sleep .
Wake up at around 11pm plus , went out meet zuoan ...
Then we play play play , go pull my sister out .
Then di di siao siao , haha .
Then at last part she want to go home , i at the lift there kiss her .
Haha , scared dao bah ? lol .
Then went home , Sian then Post ..
To Yiying or Zuoan : Joey not dont like to be with sp , is just that .. She is ... Dont know how say , maybe is real .. she not suitable to be here , should be back to where she belong , Malaysia .
End . <3 her forever .

5New Song added :
Linkin Park - New Divide
Mika Nakashima - Hitoiro
Epik high - One
Audition - Can Can
Arron Yan - Tiamo

Saw This Piano tune at youtube , i hear dao dam siok wanted sleep ...

+ + +

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yesterday night henderson ton at my house , actually slacking with zuoan but she need go dont know who's sheila .. Then henderson dk doing what , i msging with zuoan till half then fall asleep , then wake up liao ... 2pm plus ..
Then play audi awhile , then went out meet zuoan ..
Actually i wanted to kiss her when meet , but dont dare haha .
Then go find my sis , cb she guai lan dont want come out ..
Then after that henderson come ... Then keep ask us bring money go batminton .
sot kia , lols .. Then he go liao , cause we going katong .
then go bedok inter meet qiang .. Reach katong , cannot chain ... Lag like fck..
so we go slack first , jing zi come also ..
That part , at msn , qiang and my sis patch liao ~
then that qiang keep ask me and zuoan kiss . lol .
Then we go back bedok , then slack around .
Then finally qiang go kiss joey ... Then i also kiss zuoan .. lips ..
Then after that go back katong , play for awhile .. Then go back .. Qiang go home first ..
Then jing zi , then me zuoan and my sis go 37 , take 10dollar frm my grandma then go eat ,
Cb no fried rice , eat the hor fun ... not nice wan , not full at all ==
Then go slack at zuoan block..Then we keep play dao sweat . LOL ..
Then after that , Go around .. Then keep play with zuoan .. wanted to kiss again LOL .
then she go home liao , i went home bath .. Then Post ..
I must go back school liao !!!

+ + +

Sunday, August 9, 2009

didnt post few day , lol .. many things happen.. Went to police station .. then they say what AE or AO not there .. so let us go back first ...
Then at first i thought zuoan didnt wake up ... run to her house , she not at home ..
Then at last she go liao .. Then went to 37 .. then forget what , then meet zuoan at my house there ... then yiying and siew peng come .. then go katong ... then sibei lame ...
go back bedok .. slack , then went home ...... lolol ...
Then next day , wake up... then go play comp .. then meet zuoan with my sis .. We go katong .. Then go back slack .. then she go home liao .. i went home .. help matthew do story .. then earn dens .. msg with zuoan whole night ... hahaha , i like her :O
Then morning 5 plus posting ... sibei tired .. wanna slp , but cant .. later going breakfast with zuoan .. lololol end post ...

+ + +

Friday, August 7, 2009

wahhhh , wake up at 4pm sia . WTf , then didnt go school again .
Then when wake up , whole bodyace . wtf ... Muscle pain..
Then lazy wake up , lay at there ... my sis come back ..
After awhile , kpkb for the comp password ..
Then i give liao , wake up ..
Play audi awhile , cb muscle dam pain .
Then play with zuoan .
Then about dont know what time went to katong .
Go eat with zuoan , sian siewpeng extra sia ==
Then she go home , finally lols .
Then go play beatrush ~
then brbp , sian .
Then about night , we went to bedok inter .. As the bus misss the stop ==
Then talking playing , to my house there de 7-11 .
Then dont have the 6 dollar top up card ..
So went to pingyi there de 7-11 ..
Dont have again , sold out , wahh we bought so many things .
At first actually say eat magi mee only , then walk pass roti prata shop .
She want eat roti prata , then nvr eat .
Then go 7-11 buy alot thing .
We buy Cup Noodle , A combo set , Drinks and dont know wat thing lai de ..
And sandwhiches...Go to void deck there eat and slack , we eat finish liao
Chat chat chat , till 2am liao so fast ..
Then walk home , she go home liao ..
Then i at home , try story glitch with the song hack ..
Quite fast , keep doing it .. Then story glitch like so easy ..
Almost every round glitch dao ..
Then suddenly off comp , lj sia .. what update .. ==
Then go blog first , lols ... go back audi , as later morning nid go police station ..
So didnt sleep .. End ..

+ + +

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning wake up with binghao around 9am .
Then went to 37 eat , then go 37 play comp ..
Then go slack very sian , then my father treat us eat , then bring bh back
home , then we go katong ...
Play till 7plus , zuoan and siewpeng come , then marry zuoan ^^
after that siew peng want go home , zuoan bring her ...
then went home , blog ... going sleep , buay tahan ,

+ + +

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One day didnt post , cause forget :O nvm . hahas .
Then today wake up around 1pm or 2pm plus , then binghao keep call and msg -.-
lols , end up didnt go school again , then online audi , msn ...
Home one person also dont have , then play play , suddenly my sis come back with my little brother ... Then actually going katong , but binghao say want come my house .
then that siew peng with zuoan cb , then at katong there dont know doing what .
Then actually want go , but never -.-
I ask zuoan tell siew peng i stead with her , hahas.
she keep want patch , then zuoan go anyhow say ok .
lj sia , then end up nothing liao .
lol , then binghao come my house .
At there play play , then go watch tv ..
Then i play Arena server , Till 5th round cb out again .
Then he want play back when show finish he want play .
Then till night , sian nothing do ...................
dont want say what happen ler ...
OK , announcement : i want jio zuoan for stead ! and must ~

+ + +

Monday, August 3, 2009

today morning 5plus then sleepy , then ask my father wake up .
Go eat breakfast , cb he say sunday sleep more .
Later then eat , then ask me sleep first .
I buay tahan , fall asleep . Then 2pm plus wake up cb .
Then Zuoan msg come , say can lend 80 to go dentist .. Her teeth pain ..
fck , then go down eat with mother they all ..
Then went up , go out meet zuoan , cause she didnt eat because of the teeth,
Then bath went down meet with my sis , then she eat porridge..
Then i go buy top up card . Then we go find cassen , he no money walan eh .
His fucking father at home on saturday and sunday .
Then henderson also come , then end up nothing . zz .
Then after that cassen go liao , qiang come .
Then meet at block32 playground . Then i , henderson , zuoan and sister listening music from henderson phone .
Then after awhile , all say want go katong , then henderson dont want , so went home .
And the process of going to katong , we msg jing zi LOL . Say JOEY like him .
Then ask for wanted to try to stead anot ..then they 2 happily attached LOL .
Then my sister damn pekcek , knn laugh till my mouth pain . then most funny part .
go to katong , saw jing zi , then go in , jing zi treat joey 2hour .. Then qiang at there play , i and zuoan and jing zi go out smoke .. my sis outside also .
Then they talking alot thing , main point is to ask jing zi treat joey .
Then after that jing zi go with friend , go safra pool . lol
Then go in play , lj comp so lag . Then that qiang act one 188pro.
Then after awhile , qiang go liao . He ask me tmr meet at sch .
siao . Then play till pekcek . Beatrush cant chain at all .
Then go VIP room with zuoan , then my sister also follow .
Then send 4th kiss..
Then play play , for quite long .. then jing zi reach..
LOL keep want touch joey wtf .
Then Play till pekcek sia , then go take bus to bedok..
Then we go coffee shop eat , eat liao ..
Zuoan suggest go slack awhile , go play true or dare AGAIN .
Then go my block there slack ..hohoho , nice part .
Then my sis dare zuoan hold my hand , then hold lor ..
Then after that turn to me again , then my sis ask me I still like von anot ?
Then i say "no" .
Then turn to Jingzi , ask him kiss joey cheek . LOLOL ! then he kiss sia wtf . OMG LOL .
Then , turn to zuoan ? then sis call her kiss me . Wtf ,then she kiss my cheek.
OK , my revenge , turn to my sis , ask him hold hand with jing zi till game end LOL .
HaHa , then after tat alot more la , lazy say .. Remember one , LOL ask jing zi 2choice . Dare , Roll at the grass or kiss the dustbin .. LOL ! then he kiss the dustbin wtf LOL
then after that , turn to zuoan.. ferget who ask her hug me , sua lor hug . LOL.
then after that , ferget liao .. Then my sis buay tahan , cause jing zi keep lay his head on her shoulder,LOL . i buay tahan at there laugh mad with zuoan.
Then all go toilet .. Left me and zuoan ..Zuoan tell me jingzi quite pervert , last time have sex with those girl before ,like to anyhow touch stead wan , so ask dont play liao faster let them break ,wtf .. then after awhile , go home liao ..
Okay , I pursude zuoan to quit smoke .
And , my sis dare me something to do , and im doing it .
And , i think i will sucess ^^
then went home first thing post , LOL .
not sleeping , sian .. hahahaa , send msg to jing zi ask him for break liao.
Then he like nothing , dont know real anot , scarli crying LOL .
HAHA , today mouth pain , laugh too much xD
Hope tmr can get money to bring zuoan to dentist bah.
End !

+ + +

Sunday, August 2, 2009

5am toh again , wtf . Then wake up at 7am . Went down eat with mother , father , grandmother , sister and brother at coffee shop . After eat , went up bath .
Fall asleep , wake up at around 4pm plus . wtf , all dont know go where .
Then call them , cb , pangseh me go parkway eat steamboat .
Sua,sleep again. Like 7pm like that,wake up . Use comp , msn can work liao.
Waiting for re downloading audi . Then phone cant be found , zz .
Then use father phone message, found .
5message, shit. Zuoan 1pm plus ask me call her,then now i call she never answer.
Then took 34dollar from father. wanted to top up card.
Then went out with sister and little brother.
Went to 37 , play for half and hour each .
Then went to cassen block , he sleeping ? wtf with his father .
Then we went to zuoan block , her father sleeping .
Then we go my grandma house , eat .. Then went slack around , find zuoan and cassen .
Then that henderson at kimchi house play game -.-
Then went home , lol . Sibei sian . Play audi , Msn .
Sian la , today didnt send kiss .
Then night , henderson come my house .
Then watch show , about 2plus he went home .
Now posting at 3.51am .
Sian , Nothing better to do .

Found this song , quite nice . Is from Transformer 2 Revenge of the Fallen .

+ + +

Saturday, August 1, 2009

fck sia , today didnt go school again .. I scared next year my mother bring me to NS .
i dunwan so early go , zzz . Then morning wake up , got 20plus miss call . wtf , siao . LOL.
Then binghao keep msg , paiseh la .. i 5then slp , i tot i lay down awhile only .. lol ..
Then henderson keep ask me where cassen , how the fck i know .
Then msg with zuoan , she say go meet up and eat .. So meet her at my house downstairs .
Then go coffee shop , end up didnt eat .. Drink milo .
Then go cassen house , he not at there , after we slack for fcking long , then dont care him
go katong , before going .. hungry .. so went pack fried rice .. go katong eat ..
Lol , then send 3rd kiss . Then play play , beatrush .. then join binghao love party ..
1st try failed , 2nd try pass , but i didnt join .. went to Arena server .
cb , got ppl keep say i hack .. fcktard .
Then go to round 5 out nb .
Then go play brbp with zuoan .
lol , break record . . Expecting 128bpm , full chain .
then zuoan like tired , so i say go home first la .
Then go 7-11 , she buy panadol again ..
Fck sia , ask her dont smoke liao
Then take bus back to bedok , she say maybe tmr her cousin will come find her
cuz the police case , will tio scold till jialat .
So morning maybe going out before they come .
Lol , then reach home .. nb cannot use msn and audi .
dont know what fck happen , then watch movie with little brother and sister .
Then sister fall asleep , follow by brother .
Sibei sian , posting at 2.31am .

+ + +

Friday, July 31, 2009

Today morning , 6plus wake up .. read message .. i msg Zuoan "good morning"
Then , fall asleep . 4pm plus then wake up , wtf .
Then phone few message only ? weird . Then Henderson keep call me for find cassen .
Sot de . Then my mother give me a house a key o.o
wake up , my sis call me . Ask me where zuoan . how the hell i know sia , i just wake up .
Then my mother and grandmother went to see my grandfather at hospital .
Then my sis , yiying and siew peng come my house .
I helping zuoan do story , i help her from lvl7 jump to lvl12 .
50% story . Then they all di di siao siao . Then dont know what time , they go home liao .
Then my mother come back , with my grandmother .
Then she say , I saw your message , say what , tell joey dont tell the teacher we smoke .
Then wtf ? she see liao delete away my message . Then my father say dont be so stupid go addicted to those stuff .. Wtf ...
then night , meet up with zuoan , went to katong lan play .
Send 2nd kiss , then play beatrush , play couple dance .. Wa i keep chain ..
Then notice she quite tired , so went home earlier .
then take 2stick of ciggratte from -KE . haha , then went walking to find place to eat .
Then at a shop , eat fried rice . One big plate , we 2 share .
Then went 7-eleven , zuoan buy panadol .. teeth pain x.x
Then change coins , take bus to bedok ..
Then she went home , i went home .. Sibei sian ..
Play comp , Ask aiai help change my audi pm hahas .
Fck sia , cant make zuoan to Jr cuz of the name .
Haiz , dont know want buy again anot , quite wasted .
Stupid me , forget this part .. >.<
End post , at 3.33am .

+ + +

Thursday, July 30, 2009

morning wake up , mother morning come back liao wtf .. zz
Then wake up bath , mother keep kpkb . z
then go down eat breakfast , then went to void deck slack ..
waited for so long , finally bing hao wake up , then reply me ..
then meet at bedok inter , went to 37 play comp finding for cassen .
then play for 2hour , didnt saw him . Then we go eat chicken rice , then go slack .
then about like afternoon , wa damn sleepy .
then go my grandma house , i slp like wtf .
Like like after 4plus , we went down to see if he there , nb not there .
Then suddenly , siew peng , yiying and my sis come .
then message henderson also , meeting .
then Wtf , siew peng wear like ... WTF . LOL .
Binghao want yiying number LOL .
Then after that , meet henderson .. dismiss with my sis they all ..
then we go long john eat , bh treat ..
then we go find cassen at his block 32 .
We go up , his grandfather say he not at home .
Then we at the staircase there slack .
waited for awhile , he finally appear ,
he say he go school ? lmaos , then go take 100dollar .
Then we go meet zuoan , go katong .
x.x her hand like still pain .. zz
Then go there , buy cash , top up ..
Finally , break with that light ...
As , is lvy ask me cpl de ~.~
Then cpl zuoan girl account <3
Changed ign to ~☆An★~
hahas , not going break ~
then we go back bedok , eat mac .. wtf so much , 32.60 .
Steady , zz . Then walk back with cassen he say he need go home .
then eat at his block downstair , knn bh go make my coke drop and his mac nugget -.-
Then yiying and siewpeng want go home , then bing hao actually want to take taxi bring yiying back as she live tampines also :O
LOL , then at last dont have .. Then we play poker card , then after game ..
All go home , then i go home bath liao ..
Help zuoan girl account , do story , lvl .. too tired , now 3.45am liao . jialat , going sleep .. >.<
End post .

+ + +

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

then sleep till night , online audi . Bing hao cpl use his account talk to me , say ask me call binghao . lols , then called , changed , meet at bus stop . Then we go katong play , play till like midnight ?
then we take cab to chaichee , i go home change actually going school , but then didnt .
Then actually going to katong , walk till half , saw my grandmother at bus stop .
So we go block 32 rest first , then fall asleep . From morning message zuoan till now , she didnt reply . finally , reply .. wake up liao .. then bing hao sleep at there like pig , i go 37 check cassen at there ma .. then zuoan coming out meet us , then binghao wake up call me .. lols , then go back 32 meet zuoan .. then she say maybe will tio expel .. fuck sia , zz .
Then we go coffee shop , actually want eat , but at last didnt , drink water only .
Then take bus to katong , play for awhile .. then ask -KE help us buy ciggratte .. then we go mcdonald eat at parkway . Then take cab to chai chee meet henderson at his house , wa he buy w995i , cb the one i wanted to buy ! so nice , confirm extort from cassen then buy wan , with zuoan , muahahaa .
Then we take cab to katong , going to top up , my sis and yi ying reach .
Then she tell me , say what , saw my blog cpl there is Zuoan .
NBB , is Qiang create another same blog link as mine , now my link have been change as some of u know .. then play for awhile , siew peng come also .. then play play , Arena .. CB , I HELP ZUOAN WIN LIAO LEH ,THEN NO MEDAL ):
and , qiang , u better delete that link , u want play play , i also can create another link for u , pcb ..

+ + +

Monday, July 27, 2009

At first thought today is a peaceful day , then play audi till night ..
Then cpl back my ex cpl :O
She is japanese , and she is cute . hahas , then we play Arena . nearly win ! ee .. get 3rd .
Then change name , need join fam change again , zzzzzzzz , paiseh waste ur money ..
Zuoan call me , and i and my sister go down slack with them .. just meet nia , my sis keep tio disiao by zuoan . Then we go void deck , play true or dare , LOL . My sis and Jing Zi HUG ! wohoo . Then my sis keep ask me and zuoan hug , but zuoan dont dare xD . hahas , then we go 7-11 buy drinks , then i just anyhow say , want go in ping yi play ?
Lmaos , then we all say okay .. then play play , walk to back gate .
Climb in , and then .. everything closed .. we walk around .. nothing .
Then go to the new building beside the field .. we go up the staircase .. say got ghost ~.~
Then end up nothing , wtf when we walk down saw got people , at the front gate there ..
Then Zuoan say Police , Zhao ! I talk off my slipper , run to the fence , climb over , run to nearby block .. 2nd or 3rd floor .. waited for awhile .. go down find them .
can't be found , then i go back home , use house phone call zuoan .. she dont want answer ..
Then took my father phone , message zuoan .. she with police they all .. all tio caught . zzz .
Then i went back for them , tio hand cuff ? wa first time sia , then check wallet all those things , they thought we go in steal things , lj ping yi got what lj thing to steal sia , cause my sis and zuoan bring bag but is empty .. zuoan lucky throw away her ciggrate .. my sis lame only put a jacket .
Then , kena hand cuff to the police van .. Zuoan hand tio cut , and stomachace wanted to vomit .. zzz , my fault .......then Jing zi say what will go boys home , or tio expel . fuck his mama toh la , lj wei . Then reach the same police station that time siew peng mother bring them go , Bedok north police station , HQ . Then , go in sit there wait for awhile .. Jing Zi and Zuoan got hurt need go to simei changi hospital ... so i and my sis seperate with them .. then we go into the more inside of the police station .. stand at there , take picture .. Then kns , can't wear belt .. my pants wanted to drop , i wear police shorts , then i wearing one slipper , cause my sis lost one of her slipper and i lend her mine , so i wear police give de plastic slipper , nb make until my leg damn pain .
then at here got a fat ass police officer , talk keep loud , nb cb , then got a indian police officer , walk like ahbeng like tat , knn guailan .. then keep walk here walk there , nb siao kia .
Then go in , take finger print ..then saw a guy have tatoo on his leg , gold hair .. the fat ass police officer ask him how hurt his mouth , he say fall down from the drain , then at last say fight tio beaten , lmaos . then funny part , they take out all my belonging put one by one . even my coins and money , my coins damn many , still slowly put , got like 21 ten cents . LOL .
Then go to a room , take statement .. when the door is closed .. what i can hear is the keyboard typing sound " ta tat ta " . Lol
then put belonging into the lockers , even the slipper -.-
then sit there kena hand cuff waited for very long , then got alot more people come in .
Those geylang girls , and few man , lmaos . then Zuoan and jingzi back , they do those thing we previously do ..Then call my father tell him about it , 7am coming to bain us ..then zuoan no people to call to bain , cb la .. need 21 year old , been thinking like fuck to help her .. zzzz , then tio handcuff at another room with jingzi ..
Then Zuoan and my sis outside .. waited for damn fucking long , then finally ? my father came .. then check belonging , went out .. then my father bring us to hawker centre eat .. cbb laa , worry what happen to zuoan zzzzzzzzzzz .
then went to bedok inter , the NTUC ontop that clinic to see doctor , my father sick .. then take MC , my sis also .. but i didnt , dont know say what , i came before , nid birth cert -.-
Then saw my er shu , hahas . then after waiting for fucking long , reach home , bath , blog .. going sleep soon , and putting my father phone beside me ^^
Still waiting for zuoan to reply , hope nothing happen ...

+ + +

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Then night my sis Sleeping .. i went out meet Matthew to Katong .. Sian , i waiting Zuoan so long she nvr come .. thn go there all i treat sia ! go there play 3hour each first .. then download so many hack lmaos .. then go smoke and drink , when to 7-eleven .. bought 20k , 10k each ..
then buy alot food sia , i dam hungry x.x
top up , bought new Face ^^
then Fb .. Xg Fam vs MeToYou , Lol lvy pro siao .
help MeToYou win Lol
then tag heart , lmaos . i keep beatrush .. Break Record Again !! Spark , x43 , 6.8 mil , Chance3 .
haha , then know new friend at katong , ign -KE ? forget :O
then lvy come i treat cab fare :O play for 2hour , damn tired , slping slping .. matthew treat cab me home .. then paly audi eat .. rest :O CB , ZINGZI KEEP CALL ME , ask me lend him money , siao kia . zzzzzzzzzzz , then message with zuoan , she yesterday also waiting for me wtf -.-
okay , end post .

+ + +

Saturday, July 25, 2009

hahas , after going back from katong .. when bedok inter mac eat breakfast with zuoan and my sis , then eat till damn full ... walk home , zuoan go home .. i and my sis sleep at my grandma house .. siok sleep till so long .. wake up liao eat , then go below play comp .. till 3hour , then go home .. change blog link and skin .. hahas , relinked !

+ + +

LOL , after 2day , still taking money from that little guy , get like 200 everyday ? LOLOL .
siok sia , then morning wake up .. cb .. headace like fck ... then feel like vomit .. vomit few time .
Was thinking if qiang pass me H1N1 -.-
Cause before that day ton with him .. Lol , then morning go find that guy again at 37 .. then go katong .. get 200 again LOL , then meet zuoan .. then we brbr , then brbp .. play like siao .. then night go find my sis , eat .. slack .. then taxi to katong again LOL .. then brbp with sky and Eric .. then sian , come blog post xD
End .

+ + +

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Forget what happen recently , in my memory is .. that day night play Brbp with Bh till very long , cause found a bug that can reset dens .. Then earn till 4mil plus , upgrade house .. Then morning go meet him at bedok inter .. then we go sch outside slack for very long , yves come ..
Then slack at school void deck , then wtf suddenly teacher come , tio caught go school .. i kena send home cut hair , then who care him sia .. slack at void deck alone .. for awhile go 37use comp .. Then saw free2 going end , try buy , failed .. Free3 Bought ! huuray , then go katong with the 2little boy there , jason and cassen . Siao sia , Cassen get alot money seh , give me 10k , hahahas,
then we go cassen house .. he take 100 plus , go katong meet zuoan . drain the brbp again . till 6mil . xD , then go eat macdonald .. waaaaaaaaaaaa , take 10 Mayunise (duno how spell) , 10 curry sauce , waaa one steck of tissue LOL . eat till damn full , then go take bus to bedok , went home change , meet my sis Siew peng and yiying , jason say want go watch movie , cassen go take another 200dollar WAA , then go tampiness mall , siew peng dunwan watch ==
then go katong , make member play for like 1hour only ? siew peng nid go home , we take bus go back , then all go back liao .. slack with zuoan and my sis .. go coffee shop eat play . lol , then go 37 again . waa i damn tired .. then go home sleep till now 4pm plus .. then wake up Random beatrush till half think of blogging , hahas . ok end post ..

+ + +

Monday, July 20, 2009

didnt post 1day . i forget what happened .
This few day feel extremely tired , think that life is so tiring .
I'm so tired of everything suddenly , go Audi , lazy buy channel .
Lazy play -.-
This morning wake up , see tv play comp with my little brother and sister .
Then play Audi , sian . I don't know why , i feel so tired .
Just wanna sleep .. Then at night , play audi with Zuoan . Then go slping soon .

+ + +

Saturday, July 18, 2009

morning go use comp play audi , chey will dc cause of my clothing LOL .
this kind of thing also have . Then go msn . talk talk , go out meet Qiang at inter
then go find block 521 at bedok . lmaos walk like fck then find ZZZ , after that slack awhile .. wanted to go katong . go bedok inter , take 197 . then cb qiang go make wrong stop , then nvr go ==
go until lavender , then we take Mrt to Orchard . Watch movie harry potter .
after that ask my father come fetch , he come my house reformat then we slack at my house downstair awhile got bus liao he go home . lols , then go up eat with family . Then play audi post :x

+ + +

Friday, July 17, 2009

morning wake up by bing hao call , then fall asleep again zz .
then suddenly a ppl call . say is paya lebar police station ? ask me to go over there , siao , who care sia , straight away kup phone .
Then after that go audi . cannot go , zz . waited for patch , solve comp stuff .. with matthew .
then about afternoon meet matthew go katong .. tag tag tag , night already go home .
then reach home about 12am plus .. sian boring .. going slp soon ..

+ + +

Thursday, July 16, 2009

morning bought free-1 again haha , calculate 12am ending :O
Then morning waited for bh call , then meet in bedok inter .
Thought going school , but bh say need repair phone things so never go .
Bath , Reach ler .. Waited for Yves .
After Awhile , yves reach . we go playground first :o
then at there for quite long , i go coffee shop eat while bh and yves at playground resting.
Then went to block37 play comp :o
Then After half and hour , they come find me . We go take bus to Bugis .
Then walk to sim lim square . Asked for the phone repair things after a few shop .
Then finish , called my father to fetch , and he is fucking long ? zz
Bh and Yves took bus to tampines home first . I waited for him for quite long , he finally come then bring me to Lavender Mrt Station say no time . Took to Bedok , walked home .
On comp , i play one round beatrush .. Hand is like totally no strength , wtf .
So decided bath and sleep , Sleep and sleep to the next day morning .. whole body no strength x.x
like fever , headace also zz .. then after a damn weird dream .. doesnt wish to say .. its like wtf , my " no stregth thing " back to normal ? then start audi , bought free-2 .. Then go msn saw a guy , he say he is thailand hacker ? then send me a hack that can alt tab without dc for AudiSea ? then after that my AVG dont let me open the file , i send to matthew and he tio virus ? wtf , then that guy offline ? cbb , i reinstall audi and wtf ? Cant be patched ? zzzz .
Then today my Sister birthday :O she came back at 7 plus .. then see youtube , gamerzplanet , blog .. then help her with some blog stuff .. see Ben 10 lmaos . sibei sian cannot audi zz ..
then my father back bought cake for my sister :O eat cake and chicken wings :D
posting now at 1am plus .. Headace still zz .

+ + +

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

yesterday 5plus my brother wake me up , then i think still early so go sleep again .
Wtf ? 3plus then wake up , zzzz . then online Audi , online msn .
Saw Jasmine , She Joined my fam , then suddenly .. my Dairy and FamOffice is back !!
Straight away bought Free-1 ! , haha , Jasmine is lucky Star :D
then play play , Ahsky online , then play tgt .. Shiping also come :O
play for quite long , Jasmine gtg D: then continue play ... Channel ending that time , wanted to snatch back the channel .. SiaoYouMe Snatch back T_T
then help Matthew Glitch , Do story till very long .. then Free-1 Ending , i bought again ^_^
Free 9 , Singapore 1 , Singapore 2 no people buy sia , nice view xD
then go play play , lols .. Fam Point From 3.7k jump to 3.8 . haha .
Play till morning , 7am now .. going school <3

+ + +

Monday, July 13, 2009

lol , really didnt sleep .. hmm , play audi watch heroes again .. my sis go home sleep till now 1am plus lmaos .. Today play Beatrush till siao haha , keep chain chain chain .. my skill seems to be back man ! haha , Be My Lover 135Bpm x60 perfect , 11mil ! ScreenShot is Post ^^
then saw Jasmine again :o chat chat with her , then go audi add her .. then play with her teamviewer hahaa . see alot her Zilian Photo LOL . then damn laggy , then go audi ..
Couple her today :x hahas , tomoorrow going school i think .. then she gtg sleep ..
go audi , play beatrush alone few round .. waited for binghao .. play with him few round , and then beatrush battle party , got a guy 8k br pro zz .. play till damn pekcek.. sian.. then now posting at 1am plus .. still waiting for morning .. Boring ~ !

+ + +

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lol , Yesterday morning wake up . On Comp , play Audi .. Msn .. then slowly like that till about 3-4pm , I open Heroes Season1 , and my sis , bro , father watch together .
then my father go cook noodle lol , until like that watch watch few series , then siew peng ask my sis go era ? . lol then i ask matthew go :o
and then after that my sis go find siew peng go era liao , i and matthew talk in msn say wanna meet in bedok inter ? Then he bring IVY in audi ign , then i called my father to get money .. he so long then come , paiseh ah Matthew :x then at below waiting for my father saw zuo an and zingzi ?
Lolol , then chat chat . they also want follow go era Lol , then called my father say go inter meet , lmaos .. go until there matthew go liao ? then father come , reach era .. then saw matthew and ivy .. siew peng and my sis .. then wtf ? everyone take 2dollar from me ? include : [ Siew Peng , Joey (My sis) , Zuo an , ZingZi ] wah ? then i also play 2hour ? cbbbb , 12dollar like that . ok then nvm , zz .. at Era totally cannot chain , no skill now , frame totaly different .. zzz ..
Then at Era finally can enter fam office ! wohoo , then bought free-3 .
Help Ivy Bought Expert channel ^^ wah , MeToYou Snatch Free-2 zzzzz
then play play until half , my sis suddenly dont know say what , but i think is say they go first , with siew peng .. then slowly play play , we found out they gone , try find cannot find , zz .
Matthew and me try hack era comp , haha , we open admin and uninstall the cafe thing . lol , but at last never use -.-
then wtf ? siew peng mum come era ? nb , then she go ask paopaocha ? wtf ... then go down talk .
She damn guai lan sia , go out ton awhile nia also want kpkb . cbb . then siew peng tell her where she is ? then she take taxi go find her .. left 3of us at era ..zuo an , me , zingzi .. zz
then zuo an say siew peng if tio police maybe will get send back malaysia ? so we take taxi chiong to there , they say between those bunglalo . Then cannot find , First Taxi Fare Zuoan Paid . Then My sis message reply , say we at bedok south police station ?
then after that , go to PingYi Behind there de police station ==
there also Write *Bedok South Police Station* nb , at outside stand for like quite long ?
then zuo an go hide ciggrate somemore lmaos . then at last the police come out , ask why we here , then wtf no ppl come in before ? zzz
then make it clear liao , at Fengshan there de Bedok South .
TMD , that mother fucker dont know here got police station ar ? need go until so far meh . cb
then we take Taxi again , i pay . go until there cannot enter , must wait outside .. then go void deck wait .. they smoke .. knn then i stomachace zz .. after "awhile" they come out .
Siew peng say what ? want break friend relationship with us ? say cause us alot problem . zzzzz
then her mother bring her home .. then i take taxi with they all go my house downstair ..
i go up take my father phone to have matthew phone number , called him .. then he at Era tagging .. ask me go .
i wanted to go , but they DRAGGED me =x
sorry matthew :/ then at there slack till very very long , then move place to block 32 .
Zing zi go home ler , then zuo an and my sis chat till like siao .. i slping ..
tiring . lol , then after another "awhile" they finally want go home .. then zuo an byebye , i go with my sis come back .. first thing .. tio scold .. then ask want eat anot ? LOL . ok then now posting , maybe going sleep .. maybe not :x
byebye , Long Long Post xD

+ + +


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